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 Maahenki – A Publishing House With Cultural And Environmetal Values

Maahenki Publishing House supplies high quality books rangeing from nature and countryside to art and everyday life. We specialise in environmental aesthethics, orthodox catholic church art and the outsider art of self-taught folk artists. We take pride in making our work movingly beautiful and the strong aesthetics of our books have received numerous awards.


How to buy our books online

Please read this carefully!
If you want to buy a book from outside of Finland the Maahenki e-commerce system does not work. Please send your order to the following email address: tilaukset@kirjakeskus.fi.
Add the following information to your order: 
Your name, Address, Title of the book(s), Number of copies.
You'll receive reply message with total cost of your order including shipping and payment instructions.




Maahenki webshop

1. Browse for the title or search either choosing from the menus or using the search box both on the top part of the page(s). Using the search you can truncate / cut off words by using the symbol % (for example: church -> chu%). Choose from the search results and you will get on the title's page.

2. To move the book in the shopping cart, click "Lisää tuote koriin". If you want to continue shopping, you can move back to searching and continue adding books to the shopping cart by clicking "Lisää tuote koriin". You can monitor the content of your shopping cart and the cost of your purchase on the top right of the page(s). You can edit the content of your shopping cart until you decide to move to checkout and confirm your order. Upon confirming your order your shopping cart will be emptied and your order placed to us. The content of your shopping cart will remain intact until you edit or remove the contents or place your order.

3. When ready to proceed to checkout and placing your order, click "Kassalle" on the top right of the page.

4. Fill in your shipping address. (FInland only at the moment)
Etunimi = First Name
Sukunimi = Last Name
Sähköpostiosoite = E-mail
Puhelinnumero = Phone Number
Postiosoite = Mailing Address
Postinumero = Zip Code
Postitoimipaikka = Post office
Lisätietoja = For more information

5. Confirm your order.
Make sure that the the items being purchased and your shipping address are correct. When you are sure that your order is correct, move to payment by clicking "Siirry maksamaan" on the bottom of the page. 
This will take you to a secure payment page of Suomen Verkkomaksut  (Finnish Web Payments Ltd.) company. Suomen Verkkomaksut is well-known Finnish payment service provider of e-shops and their service is completely secure. Credit card payments are done by Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode verification services.
Enter your card number and expiration month / year, as well Verification Code (three separate numbers numbers printed on the back signature panel of the card).
Make sure that the purchase sum is correct and the receiver of your payment is Maahenki Oy. Approve payment. You have now placed your order and able to see an order confirmation on your screen. The confirmation has also been sent to your e-mail.

6. When you have placed your order / Terms of delivery
All orders placed to Maahenki Publishing House. will be processed and delivered in aproximately 7 days as priority mail to the shipping address if not subject to restrictions caused by the size or weight of the parcel in which case the order will be delivered as economy mail. Order processing and delivery times are estimates and do not legally bind Maahenki Publishing House. The order processing fee / packaging cost / freight cost is added to the sum of purchase as shown upon confirming the order.

7. Return policy
You are entitled to return products to Maahenki Publishing House. Required that notifications about this are done, at the latest, within 14 days after receiving the item, delivery day not included. The notifications are to be made by e-mail to maahenki[at] msl.fi. 

8. Terms of payment 
Payment options are Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard. Web payment transaction is between the customer and the secure web payment service Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy (Finnish Web Payments Ltd.) The act of purchase is in all it's effects between the customer and Finnish Web Payments Ltd. Maahenki publishing House is only responsible of the marketing of products and services and handling orders upon delivery. Reclamations regarding payment are to be addressed to Finnish Web Payments Ltd.

Finnish Web Payments Ltd.
Ohjelmakaari 10
40500 Jyväskylä, Finland
Tel +358 207 181 830
info [at] webpayments.fi

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Contracts between the customer and Maahenki pub. shall be governed by Finnish (and EU) Law. Maahenki Publishing House follows the recommendations of the Finnish Consumer Authority.


Contact Information

Maahenki Publishing House
Eerikinkatu 28, 00180 Helsinki, Finland 
Tel. +358 9 751 2020 
Fax +358 09 7512 0211 
maahenki [at] msl.fi 

Johanna Korhonen
CEO, Publishing Director 
Tel. +358 40 510 5906
johanna.korhonen [at] msl.fi 

Ulla Sarviala 
Sales and Marketing Director 
Tel.+358 9 7512 0236 
Gsm +358 50 560 4544 
ulla.sarviala [at] msl.fi

Marketta Tuomainen
Publication House Coordinator
Tel. +358 9 7512 0236
marketta.tuomainen [at] msl.fi